Giving Back

In Vietnam hundreds of children, mostly in the rural and mountainous areas, are born with handicaps every year and these children have to suffer a barely human existence. This situation has a tendency to get worsened without effective intervention since there is a huge backlog to eliminate this issue. Over the last 20 years or so, Vietnamese as well as international NGOs have been attempting to offer the best helps and supports to those disabled children. Among the most active and successful INGOs is the Child Surgery Vietnam who have close cooperation with its Vietnamese counterpart - Center 2. Under the inspirations of these 2 NGOs who have opened up opportunities for thousands of disadvantaged children to enjoy a better life, Viet Sail Travel choose to be more community-oriented in its business operation in a way that charity activities are an important part of the company culture.

The website, as an important connection between customers and Viet Sail Travel personnel, is also devoted to make our customers’ choices to visit Halong Bay more meaningful and inspiring. For each time booking cruises on website, customers have made a valuable donation for Child Surgery Vietnam Foundation. In particular, US$10 will be deducted from the amount of money customers pay for each cabin booked and be used as a donation to Child Surgery Vietnam.

There are 2 ways that the donations can be made:

1. Customers can either make direct donations to Child Surgery Vietnam on their own. Please refer to the following web links for more details on donation procedure and guidelines: 

Kindly inform Child Surgery Vietnam of you being Viet Sail Travel’s customers when making the donations.

2. Or, Viet Sail Travel will carry out the money transfers to Child Surgery Vietnam and then we will inform you about the transaction by email with confirmation of staffs from Child Surgery Vietnam.

Note: The detailed amount of donation is indicated in our Cruise Invoice delivered to you after your booking details are confirmed.

Established in 2005 to meet an increasing demand for fundraising, Child Surgery Vietnam – a Dutch Foundation – has been successfully supporting local workers and doctors in a number of child surgery projects for disabled children in the poorest provinces of Vietnam. Its primary mission is to raise fund for such projects which are operated by experienced doctors from Center 2. As a matter of fact, the Child Surgery Vietnam itself has received a great deal of supports from others to operate the organization effectively and successfully. Since its establishment, Child Surgery Vietnam has enjoyed an enviable reputation among donors by offering direct insights into the operational performance of the organization. Seeing that what Child Surgery Vietnam has been doing have an enormous social meaningfulness for Vietnamese children, Viet Sail Travel team also want to make our contribution to public efforts to help those disabled children.

" Thank you for joining us in our efforts to help disabled children in Vietnam! "